It’s been quite a while since I last typed away at the wordpress app but thats because there’s been quite a lot going on. The last time I kept a record of my goings-on it was during the easter holidays, coursework was still rolling in, I still needed a jumper inside and SB Fest (have […]


Ok, so we weren’t there until after dark meaning the only bright light was the glorious sunshine during the day. In true British style, we started by looking at the weather, quickly reassuring ourselves that we couldn’t have picked better weather and then deliberating with ourselves, and one another, whether we needed to take our wellies coats […]

“You know where London is? Well Essex is above London and Suffolk is above Essex. If you’ve found people with webbed feet and pronounce the word ‘film’ as ‘filum’, you’ve gone too far.”

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For one of my modules I have to keep a learning journal. While looking through the prompts, I took exception to ‘What have you been thinking about this week’; I answered the question but it took up more than planned, so I thought I’d share it. This week, it being the Easter holiday, I have […]

It’s been a while since my last post. I have a few in the pipeline but before that it’s time for an appeal. I’ve had a lot of complaints from family members and concerned friends telling me that facial hair wasn’t my thing. My own Mother, who has been asking when I will next make it […]


As it’s a bank holiday, and therefore is wet, it’s the perfect opportunity to catch up on the all important parking permit and registration for going back to SB, and of course the pre-freshers week email. All sounds productive and simple, right? Well no, to gain access to the car park there is a process […]

So it’s 5 days until the official end of term and what a couple of weeks it’s been since finishing second year. While I shan’t bore anyone with the details or specifics of exams, I thought I’d share the events and escapades of the last week or so. After a drawn out exam period, myself […]


Well… It has been a while and not because I have sat procrastinating. However, at a time where I seem to have done nothing but type, I have decided to tell the story of the last two weeks in the medium of photos. The first is a photo of almost four hours work. It may […]

It’s been a busy week of work, listening to Mosley-isms and turning up in places surprising people and now I’m home, I couldn’t have really done much more. As normal, I had a full weekend of work planned with biscuits and a to-do list to complete. Any hope of working all day was dashed pretty […]